Market - Gainers

Symbol Company Name Latest Time Prev Close Latest Price Change $ Change % 52 Wk High 52 Wk Low YTD Chg% Volume
WTWWeight Watchers International9:40:33 AM68.0767.315-0.755-1.11105.726541.1541.2139767
NFLXNetflix Inc.9:41:26 AM346.4369.1522.756.57423.2056178.3878.855158212
FULTFulton Financial Corporation9:41:27 AM16.3716.9850.6153.7619.5515.05-2.84182656
GTESGates Industrial Corporation9:41:02 AM16.7516.67-0.08-0.4820.2914.6-9.941295

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